Happy New Year

We have many plans for “Writing For Your Life: 2021”

It’s been a long time. Too long, in fact.

I once made a statement in this very newsletter about completing your work and following through on delivery through thick and thin.

I’ll own that. Life in the pandemic became an issue. While the Medium version of this newsletter continued publishing, this one slacked off. Regardless, we are now back to a regular schedule. Take a read of the linked article, above, for our plans moving forward.

Simply, for our Substack edition of “Writing For Your Life,” beginning this Thursday, January 7, I will resume Tuesday and Thursday delivery of this newsletter.

Consider the difference between the Substack and Medium versions of “Writing For Your Life” to be one of additional content: The Medium version will continue to focus on articles published on our Medium publication’s platform, while this newsletter will focus more on the craft and business of writing, inclusive of markets.

I look forward to getting back in the swing. In the meantime, thank you for your patience, please stay safe … and keep writing!


Joel Eisenberg

Editor, “Writing For Your Life” Substack Newsletter

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